Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacation BOM School

Having fun dancing!

This week we traveled to Pine Mountain to go to Book of Mormon vacation school. This year it was based on children of the world. Of course at first Parker did not want to go, but he ended up having a wonderful time. He even learned a Russian navy dance. He loved it because he got to jump.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Eat More Chickin!!!!

Reese may not look happy, but she LOVES to put make-up on
Reese is mooing. Parker was not happy about the face make-up, but he loved the food!

Devin's magical utters!

Allison and her baby cow!!!

Every year Chick Fil A has a dress up as a cow day. This is great since if you dress up you can eat for FREE!!!! As all of you know my family loves this kind of stuff, dressing up and free food so it is a win win situation. This year was especially fun since we painted Allison baby bump with a cow face. It was adorable!!! Everyone thought it was adorable. We had breakfast and lunch for free, but Tara topped up and even eat dinner there!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Devin pushing Tara out of the nest..., but Tara left her two baby birds.

Did my own children require this much energy? I have been watching my grandbabies this weekend and I have forgotten how much work little ones can be. Was I younger, more energy, skinnier, and had more energy... yes I said that twice!!! It can be challenging when you have your grandchildren and still one child of your own at home(under the legal age of 18). One minute you have your mom hat on and then you have to change into your grandma hat. Grandma hat is much easier to wear. Basically you say yes to everything. Why? Because it our privilege and it is NOT my job to make sure vegetable are eaten or bedtime obeyed. That is for their parents, but that is where it gets tricky. I have to make sure Parker eats his veggies and goes to bed on time. Oh well its summer and I give up on everyone's bedtime!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Getting that Diploma!!
My proud graduate

I can hardly believe that my little baby, Devin graduated high school last weekend. She also graduated seminary. Where has the time gone? Devin has never been a "I love school" girl, but I really feel like a blinked between Allison's graduating and now Devin. I can't hardly believe that all my girls have graduated high school. I'm so nervous about Devin being an "adult". It's hard to let my little baby go..........

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday My Sweet Baby!

This saturday is Brodie's 2nd birthday! Were has the time gone since I was holding that sweet little boy in the ICU nusery? Brodie is such a sweet spirit and developing such a personality. We are so blessed for this boy to be in our family. Even though his favorite word is no and doesn't like us kiss him unless he deceides he wants to, but when he does kiss his grandma with those little fish lips it is the best kiss ever. We love this boy!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stone Mountain

Christmas is very stressful to me. I have alot of baggage concerning some very bad memories of Christmas and I always put alot stress on myself concerning gifts and gift giving. I know that I shouldn't, but knowing and doing are two different things. Anyway John and I decided to give Jeremy and Tara family annual passes to Stone Mountain. After looking at Candi Welch blog and all the fun the had there I thought it would be a good gift for them. Something they can use all year long. We went up this weekend and John, Parker, and myself stayed at the Marriott at Stone Mountain. It is a very nice place and we look forward to staying there again!! They had a pool inside and outside. Parker didn't care for the inside pool, but the pool was outside was heated and the rain stopped long enough for Parker to swim a bit. We really enjoyed our stay!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Teaching in Sunday School

Well I have been called to be the 6/7 teacher in primary. I had managed to not have a calling for over a year so I knew it was coming. This actually the first time being a teacher in primary. I have always been in the primary presidency. My class is small and we are learning each other ways and I think coming together nicely. These children do not realize they are my test students. I will trying out my teaching strategies out on them. Why do they act different in primary?? I'm not sure. I'm learning things about myself and things I need to work on. The lord is always teaching us!!